Laminar Air Flow T 75 x P 80 x L 100 cm

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Specification of Laminar Air Flow T 75 x P 80 x L 100 cm

Laminar Air Flow

Laminar flow of water is sterile work table to conduct inoculation / planting. Laminar air flow is often used in a laboratory environment, biotechnology, agriculture, fisheries, microbiology, industry, etc. Laminar air flow is a tool used in the preparatory work of plant material, planting and removal of plants from one bottle to another bottle in vitro.
This tool is named Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, as a continuously sterile air blowing past the workplace so that the workplace is free from dust and other dirty air that is around the room Lab and spores that may fall into the media, the execution time of planting. The air flow coming from the room air drawn into the device through the first filter (Pre-Filter), which is then blown out through a very fine filter called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter by using a blower.
In Laminar Air Flow, there are two kinds of filters:
1. Pre-filter, which uses the first filter against dust and coarse objects. ± 5μm pores with efficiency reaches 99.999%.
2. HEPA filter with a pore-posi 0,3μm

There are two types of blowing blower, namely:
1. Vertical flow
2. Horizontal flow


Laminar Air Flow were equipped with UV lamps da tones are not using a UV lamp. In laminar not equipped with a UV lamp blower should run continuously even though the cabinet laminair water flow is not used, this is done to keep the work space inside the laminar flow of water. In a laminar air flow which is equipped with a UV lamp UV lamp lit recommended that a minimum of 30 minutes before the laminar flow of water is used. When the laminar flow of water used UV lamp is turned off, while the blower is run.

How to use the Laminar Air Flow:
The Laminar Clean in detail by using a wet cloth, lest HEPA Filter with liquids / water.
Run the fan at full speed for ± 30 minutes.
Clean back inside by using a liquid disinfectant, please note that HEPA Filter section should not be exposed to direct fluid.
Turn on the UV lamp During ± 30 minutes.
Laminar ready for operation.
Run the blower and TL Fluorescent lamps.
Turn off the UV lamp.
If the fan does not run better UV lamp switched on.
To prevent contamination should be cleaned with disinfectant before use.
Never look directly at the UV lamp, so that the efficiency of the UV lamp can be better, glass top cover can be opened.


LFH-90 ; dimension ( 100 x 80 x 120 cm) L x W x H
Spesification :1 x 20 watts


Plywood soft finish Sheet HPL (High Pressure Laminated)


stainless steel

UV Lamp  1 x 30 watts

fluorescent lamp 2 x 36 watt

Light intensity

≥ 700 Lux

Air Flow Velocity

0:45 m / s - 0.70 m / s


350 watt, 220 V, 2800 rpm


Pre-filter and HEPA filter

Sound Pressure

± 50dB


Vertical sliding

Support stand

Iron, dimensions: T 75 x P 80 x L 100 cm

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